Pre-Game Instructions


  • Assistants at all times unless referee intervenes. If this occurs, second last line of defense and immediate concentration.
  • Wait and See
  • If a situation of ‘Deliberate Play’ occurs by a defender and AR does not see, flag goes up. Referee needs to be aware of same and communicate immediately to players to continue play.

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PRO/Communications Report

Dear Colleagues,

One story dominated Society’s media activity since our last meeting and that was the sad and unprovoked assault on our colleague, Daniel Sweeney. The coverage brought refereeing and, by extension, the ISRS, to national prominence over a number of weeks, starting initially with the assault, the ISRS immediate response and then the President’s meetings with the FAI and the success secured with regard to greater sanctions. The latter two phases of the incident allowed the opportunity for the ISRS to come to the forefront in representing the voice of soccer referees in Ireland. Continue reading “PRO/Communications Report”