Benefits of Membership



  1. We have a highly developed ethos of comradeship, solidarity and identity through our National Branch structure.
  2. We hold Branch meetings at which refereeing issues (local, National and International), are discussed and debated. Training and Development sessions also take place.
  3. We have full recognition within the Rules of the FAI as the ONLY representative body for referees nationally, including the negotiating rights for Fees and Expenses.
  4. Representation on the FAI Senior Council, National Referees committee, and Regional committees.
  5. Representation and advocacy, for our members at disciplinary hearings, in cases involving assaults on referees.
  6. Support of the ISRS National body, in ensuring that branches and their members are treated fairly in their dealings with local leagues.
  7. Membership includes participation in a Group Insurance Scheme*. This covers a referee for accident or injury, incurred during a match, and travelling to and from the match. It applies to training sessions in the same way, where training is arranged as an organised structured activity by the Branch. It also covers attendance at meetings and all referee related activity. There is also access to EMERGENCY DENTAL TREATMENT**, under the scheme. Members are also covered with DEATH BENEFIT Insurance contained within the policy.
  8. Access to an EMERGENCY DENTAL FUND separate from the Insurance policy***.
  9. Access to International Match tickets, (Home and Away), and Season Tickets, as a Category 1 Customer.


*, **, *** are subject to certain conditions.



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