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Paul Alcock RIP:

French Referee Kicks Player and then sends him off

Referee Admits NI Play off error: (BBC)

PC and Social Media gone beyond: (The Sun)

Mark Clattenburg talks to Alan Brazil: (YATR) Podcast online..

Can a Referee be bribed: (YATR)

Introducing Mark Greiger: (YATR)

“Referee’s start to smile” (Keith Hackett YATR)

Kim Milton Neilson’s Opinion : (YATR)

Keith Hackett on Video Referee Trial at Palace: (News Now/YATR)

Is it any wonder Premier League Referees make mistakes: (Yahoo Sports)

Clive Thomas: Respect & Zico.

Nigel Owens on Mourinho

Players and coaches: Show respect for referees says Keith Hackett

Neil Warnock with some kind word for a Referee?

An Ex Premiership Referee who shall remain nameless told me once after he was sent home from the World Cup for giving a Player 3 Yellows before a Red, he used to keep Neil in check by addressing him as “COLIN”…. In an anagram of his name NEIL WARNOCK becomes Colin ………. Work it out the remaining letters are: W,A,N,K,E & R

Kim Milton Nielsen: The Joubert affair and my new day job

Keith Hackett: Referees should make full use of their assessments

Confrontation with the referee – undermining the referee’s authority

2015 NASL Championship Final crew announced

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a referee?

Keith Hackett: Referees – do not guess stoppage time!

UEFA provides AARs with new signaling guideline

PAUL REJER : Discusses the Denial of an Obvious Goal (DOG), as opposed to DOGSO

PAUL REJER : Positioning to sell decisions

GIANLUIGI BUFFON : We must stop blaming referees. (The Serie A champions Juventus’ captain realises who is to blame.)


NORWAY : FIFA referee Tom Harald Hagen (37) retires from international refereeing

Kim Milton Nielsen’s column: Social media and international preparation


DENMARK : Highest ranking referee, Kenn Hansen, retires at 35

PAUL REJER : Referee and AR co-operation

BRIAN MCGINLAY : English refs earn £70k per year and still make more mistakes than our refs

KEITH HACKETT : Clamping down on dissent

Was the ASSISTANT REFEREE guilty of impeding?!!

Nigel Owens reprimands Hogg for dive at Newcastle.. Come back in 2 weeks for that BRILLIANT

Urs Meier: The football referee who knows how Craig Joubert feels

Referee whose brain tumour is diagnosed after being hit by a football

Major League Soccer confirms video technology!

Major League Soccer to trial video referees, plans to implement in 2016

How IRFU Referees deal with Concussion, which can happen in Soccer just as easy:

PGMOL Recruits in training:

FA suspends and fines Referee:

The Guardian’s PL Referee of the Year:

Inverness ban set dangerous precedent: 

Scottish Referee assaulted in Saudi Arabia:  Posted by Dr. Errol Sweeney (PhD) BBA Dip.

FC Dallas’ Bazan suspended and fined for this. MUST WATCH


PAUL REJER : Discusses Offside (Gaining an Advantage) from the opening weekend of the 2015 MLS season

Referee Case Study- Matic & Barnes?

BBC match reporter takes over the line in 9th minute at Hemel Hempstead

ITALY : AARs and GLT could be used next season

CYPRUS : Referee blows whistle on alleged match-fixing

SWEDEN : Spectacular goal scored by 41 year-old referee


PAUL TREVILLION : Interviewed by Fergus Morgan

Gus Poyet on Wes Brown’s Red Card:

PGMOL on Wes Brown’s Red Card:

The UGLY side of Twitter :

Premier League Referees need assistance: Daily Mail

Belgian referee accused of bias was a case of mistaken identity:

Referee of Zamalek-ENPPI clash ‘did not know there were deaths’

MLS Referee Explains Rule Interpretations for 2015

Referee quits over racist abuse

Referee who showed Arda Turan a yellow card for boot throw suspended:

GAA referee Patrick Nelis reveals suicide attempt after social media abuse



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